US EMBASSY Tanzania Jobs, March 2021- Security Investigator

US EMBASSY Tanzania Jobs 2021/ US EMBASSY Tanzania Vacancies 2021

JOB TITLE: Security Investigator 

Location: Dar es salaam, Tanzania 

The U.S. Mission in Dar es Salaam is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Security Investigator in the Regional Security Office. 

Investigation: 60%
● Conducts background investigations on candidates for employment and on local contractors to determine suitability for business.
● Conducts research on behalf of other U.S. law enforcement agencies for criminal investigation. 

Liaison: 20% 
● Develops and maintains contacts with local government authorities, the police and other law enforcement and private security entities to protect the security of post personnel, coordinate U.S. dignitary visits, and facilitates international conferences.
● Coordinates with local authorities by traveling to different cities in the country to facilitate VIP visits to those locations.

Assists post employees involved in crimes and accidents to coordinate with local police.

Threat Analysis: 10%
● Gathers and evaluates intelligence information concerning threats against post personnel, facilities, or information.
● Works with local contacts to receive and verify criminal, counterintelligence, terrorist or other threat information.
● Monitors trends in significant criminal and terrorist activities and any relevant socio-political developments in country and produces analytical reports on the impact of these developments on the post security environment.

Administrative work: 10%
● Maintains staff briefing and debriefing records and vehicle fuel usage logs. 

Performs translation service for RSO when required.

Qualifications and Evaluations


● EXPERIENCE: Minimum of three (3) years of experience in law enforcement, military, private security, or investigation is required.

Good working knowledge of the local and regional judicial system including criminal laws and procedures, and laws regarding marriage divorce, adoption and military service.

Detailed knowledge of investigative techniques and security databases.

● Education Requirements:
A minimum of two (2) years University Studies is required.
● Evaluations: LANGUAGE: Good working Knowledge in English (spoken/written/reading) is required and Fluent Kiswahili (spoken/written/reading) Is required. (this may be tested).
● SKILLS AND ABILITIES: A valid driver’s license is required. (Class B & D) 

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